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03/10/2018, 7pm – 12/10/2018, 7pm

KAESHMAESH presents the first solo exhibition of italian artist Sabatino Cersosimo Artist in Austria.

The artist was born in 1974 in Turin, where he received a degree in Decoration and Painting at the Academy of Fine Art in 1999. He worked then in museums and art galleries. From 2007 he had several exhibitions and his works are in collections in Europe, US, Taiwan and Australia.

Sabatino Cersosimo is an italian artist living in Berlin since 2011.
In the german capital he has started almost for accident a technique that since summer 2012 is still a field of research for him: the process of oxidation on steel plate. Combining the rust with oil colours he paints people in a limbo between appearance and disappearance. The oxidation is a process stimulated with water and salt (and sometimes other natural elements)
according to a fortuitous case and the desire for control, and its
unpredictability makes the future of the artwork itself uncertain, as the rust, despite the treatments which the plate is subjected, might eventually go on spreading on the surface and underneath the painted layers. If the first part is accurately realised from the artist, the second one will be conducted by fate.

The title of the exhibition “Il Tempo che resta” (die Zeit, die noch bleibt) reflects on the parallelism between the course of life with its inevitabile stages of evolution and decadence, and art seen from an unusual perspective as its typical eternal feature seems to be put into discussion. Will the painting stay forever the same or will it be subjected to change? Will it be eternal? Time becomes a fundamental element in the concept behind these artworks,
between the wait in the phase of oxidation, the belonging of the artwork to contemporary and classical state at the same time, its durability. In the exhibition a few steel plates from the first small experiments’ series “Metallgesichte(r)” made between 2012 and 2014 are shown together with other recent works of medium size whose subjects are real or sometimes imaginary portraits with literal/mythological roots.