Without form, without subject, without face


Mittwoch, 30.01.2019, 19Uhr/ Wednesday, 30th of January 2019, 7pm

Vernissage: 30 January 2019, 19h
Exhibition lasts: 30.01. – 13.02.2019
Place: Kaeshmaesh Ennsgasse 20, 1020, Vienna
Opening hours: Wednesday 7 – 11 pm and by appointment

The exhibition Without form, without subject, without face shows works by Daniela Prokopetz, Manuel Cyrill Bachinger and Natalia Gurova and is the result of an open call for students from the University of Applied arts Vienna, organised by Kaeshmaesh. The three artists are dealing with various topics and mediums and are using a combination of different contents, materials and approaches towards the location. In doing so, they transform the real space into a fictional or a different one. The artistic approaches have various conspicuous interfaces, which are especially evident in the visual juxtaposition.

The picture dissolves.

Once Upon a time.

Traces. Residues. Ablated. Alienated.

What was once.

Detached from logical space.

Not visible anymore.

The boundaries are blurred.

Striving without direction.

Shapes out of nothing.

Being in the color space.

Info about each artist:

Daniela Prokopetz
Since October 2013 studies of Fine Arts / Painting at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna in the class of Emma Rendl-Denk and Henning Bohl
2002 – 2008 Art University Linz
Psychology / Philosophy University of Vienna
2007 Accademia di Belle Arti Bologna

My work lays in the field of tension between coincidence and control. By switching off my control, forms are created which are composed into structures of my works. These will be deliberately strengthened, emphasized, destroyed and collage-like rearranged.
„Untitled“ is an offer to the viewer to experience a view free of associative thoughts that opens up without bias in the images.

Homepage: www.danielaprokopetz.com

Natalia Gurova
Since 2014 studies Site-Specific Art at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna in the class of Paul Petritsch.

2003-2009 Moscow State University
Degree in Journalism

Natalia Gurova is an artist born in Belarus, raised in Russia and based in Vienna. She did a journalism degree in Moscow and worked for different media including newspapers, radio, online and TV. Her artwork at the moment focuses on the current flow of events and information but is not directly autobiographical. The artist plays with themes and contexts and often invites the viewer to become part of her work thus changing the very subject, context or meaning of her work.


Manuel Cyrill Bachinger
Studies at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in the department for Digital Art in class of Ruth Schnell since 2017. His work is concerned with acoustic and visual forms of expression and uses transformational processes often. Manuel likes to work in experimental manners with sound- and light-installations and in various projects as a musical performer.

contact: manuel.bachinger@me.com

Schedule of the events and performances

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